Stubborn Scars Removal

There are different type of scars such as ice-pick scar, box scar, rolling scar, hypertrophic scar. Acne scar is commonly induced by scratching or squeezing acne violently, causing marks and depressions in the acne areas.

The Clinic De Novo can solve various scar problems with following treatments –

  1. Fractional Radio Frequency
  2. Fractional Laser Therapy
  3. Scar Injection

Fractional Laser Therapy

Resurface the Scar Tissue and Induce Healing “ Ingredient : Fractional Er: YAG Laser”

Steroid Injection 

Suppress Growth Factor and Reduce Scar. “ Ingredient : Triamcinolone Injection ”

(IPL) Intense Pulsed Light Therapy

Convert Light into Heat Energy to Fade Pigment Scars  “Ingredient : Light Energy”

Fractional Radio Frequency

Resurface the Scar Tissue and Induce Healing. “ Ingredient : Fractional Radio Frequency

” Our next generation technology removes your scars at deepest level. So after the treatment, we bet you will even miss your SCARY SCARS ! “