Mole, Wants & Syringoma Removal

The Clinic De Novo provide a special laser to effectively remove mole, wart, syringoma & other skin growth. Depending on the size of Mole, Warts & Syringoma.

Laser Therapy

Ablate and Remove Skin Growth Safely and Effectively “ Ingredient : Laser Energy ”

Dos  and  Don’ts

  • Use sun protection if going outside.
  • Avoid contact with water for 5 days. When scab appears, can wash with water.
  • Do not scratch the scab. It will fall off later.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise temporarily.
  • Avoid using toner for one week.
  • Avoid exfoliation or scrubbing during treatment period.
  • Avoid hot water bath, steaming and going sauna.
  • Follow the instructions guided by the Doctor.