Eyelid Surgery, Eye bag fat Removal

The eyelid surgery was initiated with suture technique by Dr.Mikamo in Japan in 1896. Later, a new technique, was created by Dr.Maruo in 1929. Then multiple suture technique, dots technique and other technique are used.

Nowadays, eyelid surgery becomes very popular in Asia. In Europe & America, most people has double eyelid so they only concern about Droopy Eyelid Treatment.

The Clinic De Novo provides Eyelid surgery for who don’t have eyelid line or irregular eyelid line. Eyelid Surgery can also prevent eyelid from drooping & cover the eye in some old people.

Among several techniques, our surgeon will use  suture technique which will bind levator Aponeurosis & dermis. The procedure will take 30minutes to 45 minutes. There is no pain as General or local Anesthesia is used.

Do & Don’t

Within 24 hours

  • Apply ice for 15 min, every hourly
  • Put the sterilized gauge on the suture and place the ice on that gauge without directly touching the suture.
  • Avoid exercise & body movement & rest on the seat or in bed.
  • Avoid taking bath within 24 hours .
  • After 24 hours, patient can take bath but shouldn’t take long.

Within 5 days before stitch removal

  • Stitch is removed 5 days after Surgery.
  • Avoid smoking, drinking alcohol, exposure to dirt & foreign matter.
  • Wear sunglasses if patient goes outside
  • Put 2 pillows below head during sleep.

Within 2 weeks after stitch removal

  • Wear sunglasses if patient goes outside. Don’t use contact lens. Don’t apply Eyeliner & Eye make up.


  • Best result will be soon within 2 week to 1 month.


  • Result with suture technique usually last for 1-2year, but over 5 years in some individuals.
  • Result with Incision Technique last for 15 years. (The Following fact depends on the patient’s ago, skin laxity, thickness, fat amount in eyelid)

Side Effect

  • Eyelid surgery is a minor surgery so that is minimal side effect.
  • There will be slight pain 24 hours after the procedure. Within 3 days, there will be slight swelling in the eye area.
  • Redness may exist in eye area in some patients but it will go away about one week later.
  • Frequent drop of tears will occur in some patients.
  • Blurred vision may occur in some patients for 7 to 10 days.
  • Irregular eyelids pattern in left & right
  • Infection & Scarring (Very rare)