Slimming & Cellulite Reduction

Overweight & Obesity are very common in Myanmar people due to unhealthy lifestyle  and fatty food. It becomes harder to lose weight with aging and can face several health risks.

The Clinic De Novo is ready to solve overweight problem with following treatments.

Radio Frequency Energy and Vaccum

Produce Heat to Burn Fat Cells Ingredient : Electromagnetic Energy  “Area by Area”

Lipo-Dissolve Injection

Injection to Break Down Fat Cells “ Ingredient : Phosphatidylcholine & Cocktails”  (Area by Area)

Fat Reduction


II.Double  Chin






Body Contouring

I.Skin Tightening


III.Lymphatic Drainage


Minimum 5 times are necessary to gain effective result. More treatments will be needed depending on the fat volume. Treatment interval is one or two weeks. It takes one to one and a half hour for each treatment.


Result can be seen after 3 treatments. 3-4 cm reduction can be seen after 5 treatments. If combined with gym and diet planning, more significant results will be achieved.

Side Effect

High quality medicine and machine are used so no need to worry about side effects.

Do & Don’t

  • Avoid gym or strenuous exercise for 2 days after treatment.
  • Do not massage the treated area.
  • Drink plenty amount of water daily (over 1L)